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Information : [email protected]
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By appointment only, 10am - 4pm, Monday - Friday

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9AM - 11PM EST

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**see important notes below**

Telephone Numbers:

Voices:‪ ‪(NO Phone)‬‬
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Toll Free: N/A
Fax: (866) 253-4372 (Support, Accounting, Sales)*
* No unsolicited sales, bulk, spam, or junk faxes.

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**Telephone Sales and Support Notes**

** During support hours, if a representative is not immediately available, you may be prompted to leave a message, so a representative, once available, may return your call. If you are prompted to leave a message, please do so.

** If you leave a message, be sure to leave details. Leaving a message that asks our support representative to "just call you back" makes it difficult for us to prioritize the call. If you leave enough detail in your message, we can often quickly send you an email to answer your question, which gets you a response much more quickly than waiting for a call back.

** Occasionally, normal business hours will be altered or reduced during certain temporary periods. Notices about any temporary changes to business hours will be posted on the Eric's Computer Clinic Home Page and the Eric's Computer Clinic Weblogs. Our Facebook page may also contain notifications about updates or changes. Be sure to check those sites for any notices regarding temporary changes to business hours.